Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You know you’ve been in choir too long when….

1.a group of you and your friends are hanging out and the gossip of the day is about what the director did or how rehearsal went can sing numerous songs in different languages without a flaw but you have no idea what you’re saying

3.When someone is singing sharp or flat you want to pull your hair out

4.You don’t think it’s strange to be walking to class and break out into 4 part harmony with your choir friends

5.You don’t know how to describe the feeling you get when the paper you’re holding starts to vibrate or you hear the music bounce off the back wall of the auditorium and come back to you

6.You enjoy going to all-county and all-district even though it involves spending your Friday and Saturday at a highschool singing for about 15 hours cringe when people sing their ‘r’s know that dolce is NOT talking about a drink at
starbucks and that largo does NOT mean large

9.“self-serve”, “no self”, and “get the neck” all mean something to you. as does "fry-time" or "get fried"

10. tenors saying "stick it up" and making high pitched noises are an everyday event.

11.Chewing gum and talking are two of the biggest sins that you can commit

12.Cell phones are also evil

13.You have heard, and agree with, the analogy of:

Altos love Basses
Basses love Altos
Sopranos love solos
Tenors love themselves

14.You realize that choir boys are not truly gay (most of them), they just like touching each other…. way too much know that do, re, mi, did NOT come from the Sound of Music!! can do solfege in your sleep know there are places you cannot, under any circumstance breathe know that Festival does not mean we’re going to party've seen the Newsies so many times you can quote it wonder what many people in your choir would be like if they never joined

21. boys dressing up in tight colorful clothes and doing choreography that is not considered very "manly" for the sake of a spring concert is quite normal

21. (in honor of mark and cam)- it's your senior year and last choir class but instead of going to lunch and celebrating- you reminisce and sit in your freshman year seats for the whole time.

22.(dedicated to darby) you actually have nightmares about your director...and admit it

23. you know that "tenor time" is not a good thing

24. you director wears high heels everyday to school without a complaint but after one flu shot she will tell us about the constant pangs in her arm... for more then 3 months.

25. you know the vital importance of "the list".

26. you actually join this group

P.S.-"All State has nothing to do with insurance." (Sam Jones)


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