Friday, December 25, 2009

I'll never dreamt that i would enjoy my christmas day like yesterday.. It's little bad damn things i've ever felt.

When everybody enjoy their day with people they loved, but me.. huahhhh.. i'm just alone..

I can't go home, because i've still on job training @ my offiice.. How damn its...

OK,, now i just wanna say thank to God that i've a new laptop. Like this... Now i can buy laptop with mine, not asking to my parents again...

In this Christmas day, there's nothing to do.. i just keep on silent.. and get a reflection to get a meaning of this christmas. I only crying...

yes, God so kind to me..
He always give everythings that i need..
He always give His shoulders, when i was crying.

Tell me God, what i must to do now???

For all,, happy merry christmas...

251209, Fry-Morn, 09.07wib, Bdg, Indonesia,


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